Addressing COVID-19

How does this affect our business and yours?


Trane Dealers, Family, and Friends,


At Hunton Distribution, we are dedicated to remaining vigilant in regards to safety while continuing to serve our community and customers amidst this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are maintaining full operations and usual business hours. This is new territory for many of us, so there are a few action items that we would like to share with you regarding our response to the virus as well as the appropriate messaging and measures we would suggest that you enact and share with homeowners during this unusual time.


Hunton Distribution’s staff is here to serve you.


We have enacted all measures suggested by the CDC: (You can read the full list of precautions HERE.)


  • Leadership has assembled a task force to monitor the situation and stay up to date on official city announcements as well as CDC notifications. This group is communicating regularly.
  • Lots and lots of hand washing and sanitizing of work stations
  • Social distancing cancellation of large events
  • Keeping our hands away from our faces
  • Now offering Curbside Pickup at all 3 Houston area locations. CLICK HERE for details.


Messaging for homeowners:


It is imperative to let your homeowners know that you are thinking of their safety and enacting new measures to deal with the spread of the virus. Here are a few preventative measures you can immediately enact in your business and share with your team and customers:


  • Encourage glove and protective shoe covers (and if available, protective masks) for use in the home
  • Provide all technicians with hand sanitizer
  • Encourage social distancing from home owners, minimizing interaction when possible
  • Remind homeowners to change air filters and take measures to optimize air quality. Products like Evap-Fresh Coil Cleaner & Disinfectant, iWave Air Purifiers, Air Scrubber, REME HALO and Trane Clean Effects can go a long way towards eliminating allergens and indoor airborne contaminants. Speak with your Territory Manager for a full list of products available to help curb the spread of contaminants in the home and office.


Expect further communication and a potential phone conference in the coming days on how we plan to further address this evolving situation.


Stay safe and informed,


Hunton Distribution Leadership

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