Hunton Heroes

At Hunton, our heroes think outside of the box. They proudly represent our Hunton Values. When there is a problem, they don’t hesitate to come up with a solution or to lend a helping hand. They Imagine It. Love it. Own it.

We greatly appreciate the noble acts of these men and women and consider them part of the Hunton family. To recognize their “superpowers,” we have created this digital space to give Kudos to those stepping up to the challenges they see with an open heart and mind. They say kindness is contagious. Feel free to share and spread these stories and nominate a hero near and dear to you!


Our latest “Hunton Hero” is Kris Hardin (President and General Manager, Hunton Services) and the Hunton Services team. Last Saturday, they held a curbside face mask pick up for employees and their families. Every employee received 4 reusable/washable cloth face masks along with a few Hunton goodies. Our CEO, Richard Hunton, Jr. was in attendance along with support from our HR team. Our HSE team was also there to make sure everyone was following the proper safety and sanitization precautions.

“It’s understandable why we are feeling a bit down because of this epidemic and the uncertainty. You all have shown lots of courage and developed abilities for getting through this. I am thankful for all that you do.”



Check out our “Hunton Hero,” Linda Coffman of Hunton Distribution, for the making and distribution of masks for our employees!

“To show my appreciation and give back some of the Hunton heart that I’ve experienced in the short time I’ve been with the company, I decided to turn my spare room into a mini mask production area. I am so happy to see my sewing machine, material, and thread all over the place. I even have my husband involved with production and delivery! It’s a small way I can say thank you for those working in the frontlines.”

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