Need temporary cooling?

Hunton Distribution and HRS have you covered!

Whether you’re talking residential or commercial, the last thing anyone wants to hear during the heat of summer is that their A/C system will be offline for a day or more while the contractor waits for new parts or equipment. In many cases, this downtime can be more costly to a business than the repairs themselves. Thankfully, Hunton Distribution has teamed up with HRS to provide our customers with a solution to keep the cold air flowing in times of need.

With an entire rental fleet of cooling, heating, and dehumidification equipment at our disposal, our team is prepared to get your space back under control as quickly as possible. Big or small, we have access to the equipment you need to keep your customers cool in the event of an equipment outage.

To learn more, download our Rental Spot Cooling flyer here or give us a call at 281-486-8661 today!


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