Hunton Distribution earns Trane’s Top Independent Performance Parts and Supply Award

 Houston, Texas: For the second year in a row, the commercial parts department at Hunton Distribution received the “Top Independent Performance” award for Parts and Supply. This award recognizes increased sales year over year and outstanding customer service.

“Through the dedication and extensive knowledge of our commercial parts team, we’ve been able to increase sales, while keeping the integrity of our customer relationships, which in turn has led us to be a top performer. We are proud to be the best of the best, and I’m proud of our team,” said John Dearman, VP of Parts at Hunton Distribution.

 Hunton Distribution is part of the Hunton Group, founded by R.O. Hunton in 1981. Hunton Group employs nearly 400 people in Texas and Oklahoma, and provides residential and commercial HVAC sales, parts and service. Hunton Distribution is Trane’s largest Independent Wholesale Distributor in the world. For more information on Hunton Distribution, please visit


Pictured above: John Dearman, Vice President of Parts; Miguel Mateo, Inside Parts Sales; Ron Pochron, Commercial Inside Parts Sales; Bubba Jones, Commercial Outside Parts Sales; James Nix, Commercial Inside Parts Sales; Kyle Kutach, Commercial Inside Parts Sales; Bobby Ambrose, Commercial Outside Parts Sales; Mike Downey, Westpark Parts Store Manager; and Ken Chapman, Commercial Outside Parts Salesman.


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