Your must-do vacation checklist before you take-off

Vacation season is here! Prep your home beforehand, so you can relax while at your destination. Let Trane help take the stress off with the checklist provided below, so your home is the last thing you’re thinking about on your getaway.

Don’t make it obvious you’re away – keep thieves away by:

  1. Having at least one car parked in the driveway so it looks like someone is at home.
  2. Ask a neighbor to grab your mail and / or packages.
  3. Put your lights on a timer.
  4. Do not publicly mention your travel plans on social media. Wait to post when you’re back home!

Pre-clean your house:

Once your vacation is over, you’ll want to come home and rest, instead of cleaning up the mess!

  1. Take out the trash and clean out your refrigerator and freezer.
  2. Vacuum and dust all surfaces before leaving.
  3. Clean your sheets and make your bed, so you can sink in right in post vacay.

Set Everything to Energy-saving Mode:

  1. If you use smart home automation, turn off your thermostat completely. If you have pets staying in the house, set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature.
  2. Unplug small electronics (chargers, kitchen appliances, etc.) so keep from increasing your electricity bill.
  3. Close your blinds and curtains to keep your home cool in the summer.

Enjoy your vacation, while knowing you’ll be coming back to a happy home and lower energy bill.


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