Hunton Distribution is not only your partner in providing permanent HVAC equipment supplies and services but also temporary HVAC equipment and services. More specifically heating, dehumidification, and cooling equipment rentals.

Whether you are talking residential or commercial, the last thing anyone wants to hear is that their air conditioning or heating systems will be offline for a day or more while the contractor waits for new parts or equipment. This downtime can be more costly to a business than the repairs themselves.

Hunton Distribution is here to help you through the entire life cycle of your project. Whether that be a planned temporary solution or an emergency response situation. Regardless of the scenario, Hunton Distribution rentals department is available 24/7 with quick response.

Our rental team is here to help you save time, save money, and eliminate frustration.

To learn more, download our Portable Rental Solutions Flyer HERE or give us a call at 346-568-7856 today!

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