October 19, 2020

Actively Cleans Air and Surfaces Naturally and Safely Emulating nature, Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generators(CPG) produce an electric field filled with highly charged ions.   This electrified field is known as a plasma field. The ions created within the field act as a natural scrubbing agent for the air passing through the field. The air […]

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What Does SEER Mean?

September 28, 2020

WHAT IS A SEER RATING IN AN HVAC SYSTEM? The SEER measures air conditioning and heat pump cooling efficiency, which is calculated by the cooling output for a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input during the same time frame. A SEER rating is a maximum efficiency rating, similar to the miles […]

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HVAC At Your Fingertips

August 21, 2020

Just a Click, Call, or Text Away!   At Hunton Distribution, it’s our goal to make doing business with us as seamless as possible so you can focus on what’s important to you. That’s why we offer a variety of convenient options for purchasing your parts, supplies, and equipment in addition to our three physical […]

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National Book Lover’s Day

August 7, 2020

August 9th is #NationalBookLoversDay, a day not only to relish in the act of reading a book, but to take a break from those multiple screens- your phone, social media, computer, television- (after work, of course) and dive nose deep into a real-life creation of paper and text.   It’s a day to celebrate all […]

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Listen & Learn Podcasts

July 17, 2020

Learning Resources podcasts are a fast, convenient way to boost your knowledge and improve your skills on everything from Digital Marketing to Indoor Air Quality. New podcasts are added each month. Click below to check out Trane’s newest episodes.

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2020 Parts & Supplies Cash Giveaway

July 9, 2020

Hunton Distribution is breaking out the Benjamins! For a limited time when you buy HVAC parts & supplies at our Dixie Farm Rd. location you may be the lucky winner of our monthly cash giveaways! TWO WAYS TO WIN! If you are the 20th PARTS & SUPPLIES customer at the Dixie Counter on the 20th […]

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Diversifying Your Product Offering with RunTru™ By Trane®

June 16, 2020

In their April 2020 podcast episode, Emma Carter interviews Dan Smith about RunTru™ By Trane®. They discuss what value line products are. Dan answers the question: Why is it important to have a diverse product offering? They also discuss how the state of the economy can effect a product offering. Dan goes through the process […]

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Hunton Heroes

April 27, 2020

At Hunton, our heroes think outside of the box. They proudly represent our Hunton Values. When there is a problem, they don’t hesitate to come up with a solution or to lend a helping hand. They Imagine It. Love it. Own it. We greatly appreciate the noble acts of these men and women and consider […]

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RUNTRU™ by Trane

April 20, 2020

The newest name in heating and cooling systems from the brand you trust.   Whether it’s budget-tight replacement jobs, new construction projects, or multi-family installations, RUNTRU™ was created to be the ideal solution for your value-minded HVAC customers. For decades, Trane has been the go-to source for high-end, reliable engineering. While we pride ourselves on […]

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Breathe Easy

March 25, 2020

Why Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Matters Regardless of the situation, the quality of the air we breathe can have a dramatic effect on our overall health and comfort. This is especially important to consider for the places we spend the majority of our time: our homes and offices. Most people are fairly conscious of air […]

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